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Spring Art Sale 2019

client: school of the art institute of chicago

project overview 

2019 spring art sale is held in McClean ballroom at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After a competitive pitch from 15 designers, two designers were selected for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 art sale. 

I am commissioned to design an event identity for publicity including announcement posters, postcards, directional signs, event brochures, email-banners, digital screen displays,  during the event.

project duration

initial proposal:1 week

iteration and sketch: 2 week 

deliverables: 1 week


email banner


outdoor poster

Poster 0496 2021-01-05.jpeg

directional signs

project statement 

Art Sale is about fun. Combining the element of Vangoh and VR goggles, I tried to show what he sees in his mind. The subtle gradient introduces a touch of joy and spring. My intention is for people passing by the entrance of McClean Ballroom to smile and invite them to come in. 

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