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  • Yingxin Dong

The Rodina — Tereza Ruller

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A non-violent exploratory video game addressing the creative labour and extending the visual identity of an exhibition. Players run through the labyrinth of designer’s mind and compete in collecting labour tokens while their time is mercilessly running out.

Game worlds offer alternative versions and visions of reality, often perceived as a means of escape for the player, an immersion into another world. But today the ‘make believe’ is increasingly hard to separate from reality: the interplay between real and virtual is inescapable.

States of Play exhibition used the landscapes, mechanics and cultures of games to reveal how power dynamics of the physical world also exists in the make-believe. The exhibition explored games as both liberating and limiting spaces in which to reflect and reimagine the world, and how differing visions of the world can oppose one another.



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