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Open Studio Night 2019

client: school of the art institute of chicago

project overview 

2019 fall graduate open studio night is a public event for the MFA students in SAIC to open their studio, inviting people in, to reveal the secrets of the artistic creation process. 

This is an event held by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduate division department. I am commissioned to design an event identity for publicity including announcement posters, postcards, directory maps, event brochures, email-banners, digital screen displays, and a short animation during the event.

project duration

initial proposal:1 week

iteration and sketch: 1 week 

deliverables: 1 week

animation: 1 week

poster series of 5, posted in different locations around campus

email banner


ambient animation 

event brochure

Plus Brochure 8004-1 2021-01-05.jpeg


project statement 

Started with ideas inspired by cutting matt, 3-dimensional visual exploration, and color explorations, I have pitched three ideas to the client. After discussing the potentials and the drawbacks of each pitch, we decided on the second one, to create a frontier, sleek, and digital look for this event. 

Working off the grid idea, I have translated the grids from the cutting matt into the second concept, and created an abstract space with the distorted mesh. The concept behind is opening up space, and entering into a new, and abstract one. 

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