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Metric Coffee

client: metric coffee typographic identity redesign

project overview 

Typographic identity redesign for Chicago based coffee shop, metric coffee. The shop was named after their coffee brewing machines. In the U.S., it is common for people to use the imperial system for measuring, and here in metric coffee, all of the machines are in the metric system. 

I visited the shop in person to understand its brand value and expectations. Using "metric" as the key concept, I developed a typographic redesign for their logo. 

project duration

initial sketch:1 week

iteration and sketch: 2 week 

deliverables: 1 week

old | new

metric coffee.jpg



project statement 

Use "metric" as the key visual element, bring up the idea of the ruler with thin condensed typography.

Re-enforce the visual cue by adding the reflective strokes beneath the type. The color orange and yellow bounces off each other with a dark brown tone to anchor the color down. It is playful, energetic, and uplifting. 

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