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Typographic Lecture Series 2016

SAIC presents a lecture series, the changing face of typographic design

project overview 

Poster series using overprint techniques to announce the lecture series held by SAIC.

project duration

initial proposal:1 week

iteration and sketch: 2 week 

deliverables: 1 week

poster series

poster series full-10.png

outdoor installation


project statement 

The set of posters are designed to be overprinted for typographic lecture announcement. Each layer is for one event and there are three events in total. The concept is around how typeface had changed through time in the field of coding. The large shapes on each paster are closed up zoom of a letter from C, M, and C representing the three major screen typefaces used in coding: Courier New, Monaco, Consolas. The squares are mimicking the anti-aliasing for screen display. 

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