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average human being

Through my constant questioning of freedom and the limitation of speech a broader exploration of standardization and authoritarianism emerged. In this work, I pulled text from Law of Jante and Kurt Vonnegut's text, Harrison Bergeron. Secondary meaning emerged from the juxtaposition of two texts. Within each page, there is a sense of empowerment on one side, and negation on the other. Weaving the text in white on white is inspired by Irma Boom’s white book, to create a purely physical form, one that cannot be seen on a screen. 

By winding the wovens back onto a structure that references a cassette tape, the viewer needs to wind and unwind at the same time to move the cloth forward and backward. It takes effort and labor to read, yet there is really nothing much to see at first glance. The very idea of obscuring the text speaks to the idea of freedom of speech, as much as the limitation of speech. Moreover, the text Harrison Bergeron itself is dissected into short conversations highlighting the absurdity within the very idea of standardization of the average human being. The structure can also be interpreted as a printing press, a loom, a camera.

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